•how far in advance should i book?

    We recommend that you book your studio time one month in advance. We often have time available sooner so don't be afraid to ask what we have open.

•Can I see the studio prior to recording?

    Of course! Just write us and we will let you know when we can get you in here.

•What are your day rates?

    please write us to discuss studio day rates. Every session is different therefore, we usually customize rates depending on duration, date flexibility, and project demand.   

•What is considered a full day?

    A full day is typically 8 hours long but we can go longer if needed. just make sure that the engineer is fed and happy going late. We're willing to work half days but if a full day session comes along it will take priority in the calendar. if that does happen, we will help you find another half day that does work.

•IS a deposit necessary?

     Yes. We ask for half of the session total when booking. Any additional time used will be invoice at the end of the studio session. Deposits are refundable two weeks before the session begins. 


•what if i want to use the piano?

    we require that sessions under 3 days in length pay for the piano tuning. That being said, the piano is tuned regularly and is well maintained so it might not need to be tuned. Some projects might even want it slightly out of tune.

•Can we bring in our own engineer?

    Sure thing! We have enjoyed having engineers from all over the country work over here. In many cases, it would still be necessary to hire an assistant engineer at a nominal cost to ensure that the session runs smoothly. Please contact us for more details.


•any tips before our band comes into the studio?

    if you're coming in to record multiple songs it'll help the engineer if you have a list of the song titles and bpm if you plan to track to a metronome. be sure to check your equipment prior to your first day in the studio. no one wants to waste studio time chasing down a faulty cable, input jack, etc.


•do i need to supply my own analog tape?

    if you plan on recording to tape we do require clients to supply their own reels. let us know if you need help finding 2" or 1/4" reels.

•I want rough mixes of our progress, is that possible?

    While we are fully capable of bouncing rough mixes, please know that rough mixes require time and work that ultimately eats into your studio time. We can bounce rough mixes at a later date but we will have to charge our decided rate. if you want rough mixes it's best to discuss this at the beginning of the day with your engineer so that time can be set aside at the end of the day for that process. 

•how can i obtain a backup of my work?

    just bring in a hard drive and we can back everything up at the end of the session. some projects are rather large and may need to back up over night.

•what should we let the engineer know before coming in?

    let us know if you want to use the piano so we can discuss tuning with you. everything else will be worked out when booking.


•Where is the studio located?

   we are located at the north end of red river street in austin, tx near the northloop and hyde park neighborhoods 

•How long has the studio been open?

    The studio opened its door for business in January of 2005 under the name Premium Recording. In 2012 the facility underwent a name change.


•Who else has used Estuary?

    Kevin Szymanski, John Congleton, Jason Martin, Paul Q. Kolderie, Jeremy Lemos, Erik Wofford, Mike McCarthy, Will Hoffman, Chuck Prophet, Neil Michael Hagerty, Lloyd Maines, CJ Eiriksson, Charlie Vela


•Is the studio sound-proofed? 

    Yes, the studio is well isolated from the outside. You will NOT have to stop recording drums, or loud guitars by a certain time of night due to noise.



Are you a motivated hard worker looking to learn about recording?

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